sorbet vodka

Sorbet Vodka Recipes by Happy Hour Pal’s Expert Mixologist

Sorbet Vodkas: Low in Calories and Full of Flavor! As a mixologist new alcohol is always exciting.  It is like a new toy to a kid; it fills you with … Continue Reading →


Uncle’s Fish Market & Grill – Honolulu, Hawaii

  Created by a fisherman as a tribute to his mentors and heroes, Uncle’s Fish Market & Grill is located on Pier 38 in Honolulu. The Uncles, says founder Bruce … Continue Reading →


Mead: The Oldest Known Alcohol Produced By Mankind

For Those of You Who Don’t Know, Mead is Wine Made From Honey. Honey is one of the food’s that is making a comeback due to its health benefits.  Natural … Continue Reading →


3 Low Calorie Cocktail Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat

3 low calorie cocktail recipes to beat the heat! August is a notoriously hot month, and with this year’s heat wave scorching the East Coast and Midwest it is sure … Continue Reading →

blueberry cocktail

Blueberry Cocktail Recipes: National Blueberry Month

It’s National Blueberry Month! Try a few of our blueberry cocktail recipes! Now at first it may seem weird that we have a National Blueberry Month, but if you look … Continue Reading →