hispanic heritage month

Hispanic Heritage Month

We are in the midst of Hispanic Heritage Month. Unlike a calendar month this celebration of ancestors is observed from September 15 to October 15. It may seem strange to … Continue Reading →

NFL Football

Drink Recipes for NFL Football Season

NFL Football season is in full swing. Fans nationwide wear a shirt with someone else’s name on it, and yell at the TV like the players can hear them.  Joking … Continue Reading →

Labor Day Cocktail

Labor Day Cocktail Recipes

Labor Day Cocktail Recipes: A Farewell Celebration to Summer! Labor Day has been the first Monday in September since 1894. In other countries throughout the world, however, Labor Day is May … Continue Reading →

sorbet vodka

Sorbet Vodka Recipes by Happy Hour Pal’s Expert Mixologist

Sorbet Vodkas: Low in Calories and Full of Flavor! As a mixologist new alcohol is always exciting.  It is like a new toy to a kid; it fills you with … Continue Reading →


Mead: The Oldest Known Alcohol Produced By Mankind

For Those of You Who Don’t Know, Mead is Wine Made From Honey. Honey is one of the food’s that is making a comeback due to its health benefits.  Natural … Continue Reading →


3 Low Calorie Cocktail Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat

3 low calorie cocktail recipes to beat the heat! August is a notoriously hot month, and with this year’s heat wave scorching the East Coast and Midwest it is sure … Continue Reading →

blueberry cocktail

Blueberry Cocktail Recipes: National Blueberry Month

It’s National Blueberry Month! Try a few of our blueberry cocktail recipes! Now at first it may seem weird that we have a National Blueberry Month, but if you look … Continue Reading →


Moonshine Recipe – The Beverly Hillbillies Loved their Moonshine

The Beverly Hillbillies loved their moonshine.  Miss Jane was the first to state that moonshine is the fountain of youth, and granny called her shine a cure all. Since then … Continue Reading →